Friday, 6 April 2018

Bucket filling

Image result for have you filled a bucket todayToday we have been doing work on a book called Have you filled a bucket today.

So we made pictures based on the book and also made a quick description of it.
I pulled an image from the internet which is the cover of the wonderful book which is Have you filled a bucket today.
How you fill buckets:the way to fill buckets is by being positive and being friendly to everyone.
The Book is filling your bucket by being fun and shows that friendliness is the way to go
also the cute cartoons show how to fill a bucket.
What filling a bucket is, bucket filling comes in many ways, types and forms but the most common way to fill one is by showing you care when they're talking and being polite.
How does it relate to F.I.R.E  this relates to fire in every single way and shape.
You show fun because every time your bucket is filled you're happy and having fun.
You show integrity by filling their buckets which is also the same as doing the right thing.
Respect is shown by respectfully filling up buckets and making their day.
Excellence is shown by always having a full bucket no matter where you go.
I hope you enjoyed reading twenty lines worth of depth we had to write 20 lines
 d----\     /----b.                                                                                                               
        |    |                                                                                                           
  <   <

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